The Inspection

Professional building inspections in South West Victoria

The inspection includes an examination of several hundred items both structural and non-structural including:


Ceilings and walls for cracks, distortion, dampness, stains

Floors for squeakiness, springiness, unevenness, movement, composition

Doors and windows for type, damage, operation

Bathrooms, kitchens and laundries for moisture levels, mould, damage, ventilation, tiles, waterproofing, exhaust fans, tapware

Roof and roof space

Roof material, condition, damage, alignment, accumulation of debris, chimneys/flues, insulation, roof frame, sarking, flashing


Dampness, ventilation, stumps and spacings, bearers, joists, plumbing, accumulation of debris


Cladding material - condition, alignment, cracking, damage, rot, articulation joints,

Guttering, storm water runoff, drainage, fencing, out buildings

Hot water service - type, condition, age

Water tanks, pumps etc.


The inspection also covers such items as:

  • Age and condition of electrical wiring and plumbing
  • Operation of smoke alarms
  • Operation of exhaust fans
  • Ground movement problems
  • External timbers - condition and adequacy
  • Safety issues
We can now offer a comprehensive pest inspection service as well

We work with a specialist in termite detection who uses a thermal imaging camera. An expensive but essential piece of equipment to detect termite activity

The report

The report is very comprehensive (usually around 20 pages) but it is in an easy to read format with all items rated. Photographs are included.

The cost

The cost of a typical inspection with written report emailed to the client the same day as the inspection is $495 unless unusually large (Warrnambool area). Slightly higher charges apply to properties in other localities

Other options

Inspections with verbal reports are offered as a cheaper alternative. Ring Alan to discuss.

Other services

Special purpose inspections and reports. Ring Alan to discuss.

Property measurement. Boundary checks. Ring Alan to discuss.

Tax depreciation schedules.

We work with a large firm of quantity surveyors to provide tax depreciation reports for clients with rental properties. If you own or are purchasing a rental property it is essential that you obtain a tax depreciation report as there are very significant tax benefits available regardless of the age of the property. Ring Alan to discuss 

Q & A

Q. What do you do?

A. We inspect buildings on behalf of buyers and sellers to determine what defects are present

Q. What does the inspection cover?

A. All structural issues and most non structural issues

Q. What do I get?

A. The written report is usually around 20 pages in an easy to read format. Everything is itemised and rated. Photos are included

Q. What does it cost?

A. In the Warrnambool area $495. Other areas slightly higher

Q. Do you do pest inspections?

A. We work with a specialist pest inspector who uses a thermal imaging camera. A package deal is offered if you require both a building and a pest inspection.

Q. Will you travel?

A. Yes. We cover all of South West Victoria and other areas by arrangement

Q. Are you insured?

A. Yes. We have full professional indemnity cover and also public liability insurance

Call us on 0417 157 997 today for more information on our services.

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